British explorer condemns fox hunting after attempting to save dying fox

2016.10.04 16:50 Europe/Warsaw +02:00 0

LONDON — At the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, UK, Sir Ranulph Fiennes spoke at a fringe meeting to denounce the Tory's pledge to hold a free vote among MPs on repealing the 2004 fox hunting ban. 
Although he contends that he has never supported the sport, this staunchly held position comes as a surprise from the noted polar explorer, who has previously participated in pro-hunting marches such as Countryside Alliance's Liberty and Livelihood rally in 2002.
So why this sudden invigorated condemnation? 
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After witnessing the death of an injured fox he discovered on his Cheshire farm, Sir Ranulph, who was the first explorer to cross Antarctica on foot, and his wife called the vet to see what could be done.  Read more...More about Uk, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Uk Politics, Tories, and Conservatives

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