British 'Vogue's' next issue will be a 'model-free zone'

2016.10.04 16:48 Europe/Warsaw +02:00 0

LONDON — The next issue of British Vogue will hit newsstands this Thursday, just as it does every month of the year. Only this time there will be one remarkable difference: its fashion pages will be a "model-free zone". 
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According to editor Alexandra Shulman, no models will appear in the features included in what it's dubbed "The real issue", although the magazine's advertising pages will still feature models.

Image: conde nast The issue will explore what "real" beauty is and how successful women dress at work. 
The cover star — The Girl on the Train actress Emily Blunt — was chosen because she has "made a reputation for herself portraying relatable women," according to Shulman. Read more...More about Fashion, Models, Body Positivity, Lifestyle, and Uk

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